Save and load periodontal charting data

The online periodontal chart now offers the opportunity to save periodontal charting data directly to a physical hard drive. This ensures that the data is handled securely, as no sensitive patient data is stored in a cloud or online database. After downloading, the data is stored in a txt file in the download folder of a browser and can be loaded back into the online periodontal charting form at a later time.

Display and reset the periodontal chart

Up to two periodontal charts can be loaded from the hard drive and displayed as selected. The display of the selected periodontal chart can be reset by SHIFT-clicking on the corresponding button.

Overlay two periodontal charts

A new function of the online periodontal chart is the superimposition (overlay) of two examinations. This function makes it possible to analyse and document the progress of treatment in detail by visually comparing the changes at each site and on each tooth.


A new section of the online periodontal chart now shows the oral hygiene chart as well as the probing depths and the inflammation index (bleeding on probing, BOP) in a clearly structured display.

By overlaying the periodontal findings, changes in oral hygiene and inflammation can now also be visualised in detail, allowing more comprehensive monitoring of the periodontal condition over time.


The online periodontal chart now offers an extended function for analysing periodontal clinical data. It enables the direct comparison of different findings, e.g. before and after initial periodontal therapy. Particularly noteworthy is the presentation of the overall periodontal profile, which provides an overview of oral hygiene, pocket profile and overall inflammation.


Another new feature of the online periodontal chart is the interactive 3D visualisation of probing depths.

This new function not only enables the visualisation of individual findings in a dynamic 3D format, but also the comparative display of overlaid findings. The visualisation illustrates the changes with a precise display of the affected areas in mm² and percent.

Another new feature is the option of downloading the 3D model as a GLTF file and using it in other 3D software, e.g. Microsoft 3D Viewer or in virtual/augmented reality applications.


As part of the new functions of the online periodontal chart to facilitate access to periodontal findings, these can now be transferred to mobile devices using QR codes. This function offers both flexibility and data protection, as no data is stored online and the transfer takes place directly.


The latest extension enables direct data transfer from the online periodontal chart to the online periodontal risk assessment. This function makes data handling considerably easier by enabling fast, anonymised and summarised data transfer to the next level of analysis without the data being stored online.